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POLICE MURDER HITS ANOTHER DISTURBING LEVEL: Georgia cops fired Taser 13 times ‘as a cattle prod’ to make tired man walk before he died [TW: Graphic Violence, Police Murder, Death, Racism, Ethnocentrism, White Privilege]



Gregory Towns died after being Tased by Georgia police (WSB)

A Georgia man died after police shocked him with a Taser as many as 13 times because he said he was too tired to walk due to a foot chase, his attorney said this week.

At a press conference on Tuesday, attorney Chris Stewart said that police records showed that East Point officers had discharged their Tasers 13 times to make Gregory Towns, who was handcuffed, get up and walk.

“This is a direct violation of their own rules,” Stewart explained, according to WSB-TV. “You cannot use a Taser to escort or prod a subject.”

“They used their Tasers as a cattle prod on Mr. Towns.”

Stewart said that he pieced together what led up to Towns’ April 11 death using official city records and eyewitness accounts.

“He wasn’t cursing. He wasn’t being abusive. He was saying, ‘I’m tired,’” the attorney pointed out.

Taser logs showed that Sgt. Marcus Eberhart fired his Taser 10 times, and officer Howard Weems pulled the trigger three times. However, the logs did not indicate how many times the Taser made contact with Towns.

In all, records indicated a total shock time of 47 seconds. Stewart called the situation “indefensible.”

Autopsy results obtained by WSB-TV showed that Towns’ death was ruled a homicide because the Taser shocks — combined with physical activity and heart disease — contributed to his death.

But Police Benevolent Association lawyers representing Weems continued to insist that the officer’s actions did not cause Towns to die.

Attorney Dale Preiser issued a statement saying that the “use of drive stun to gain compliance is permitted under federal and Georgia law.”

Stewart said that he would file a lawsuit against the city this week.

Watch the video report here from WSB-TV, broadcast Aug. 26, 2014.


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Massachusetts State Police Issue Apology for “Racial Profiling Saves Lives” Bumper Sticker, But Not Before Lying About It

Massachusetts State Police issued an apology Monday for a bumper sticker on one of their police cruisers that read: “Racial Profiling Saves Lives,” but not before lying about it.

Boston resident Chris Kantos, was walking Sunday morning and came across on official police cruiser, number 1183, and noticed an odd bumper sticker on it.

Kantos tweeted this image out immediately.

Instead of apologizing immediately, Boston PD removed the sticker and published a second image of the cruiser with no bumper sticker. Then accused Kantos of photoshopping the image.

“Why on earth would I photoshop something like that?” Kantos asked on Twitter.

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what the fuck


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